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Aug. 15th, 2018

[info]starboard in [info]pb_updates

Martha Higareda (Altered Carbon S1)

Set: Martha Higareda : 664
Details: Femle : Hispanic : Black : Brown : 30s
Link: LINK


pb: martha higareda in altered carbon s1 (+664)

+664 )

[info]cilantro in [info]pb_updates

Oscar Isaac (265)

Set: Oscar Isaac : 265
Details: male : hispanic : brown : brown : 30s
Link: +265 at [info]licorice

Aug. 14th, 2018


You know what really sucks about getting sunburned on your shoulders? Bra straps, apparently! They're the worst things ever!!

I want to lie down braless in a dark room with a cold drink but that is probably not feasible given I'm at work.

Apart from that I had a good weekend and I love my wild monster niblings even if I do have to remember that no mood, activity or peace lasts long.

Aug. 13th, 2018

[info]cilantro in [info]pb_updates

Oona Chaplin (273)

Set: Oona Chaplin : 273
Details: female : mixed/hispanic : brown : brown : 20s/30s
Link: +273 at [info]licorice

Aug. 12th, 2018


Chris Hemsworth - 383

chris hemsworth
I'm not really sure why I decided to make these. I guess looking at Chris Hemsworth is fun? Fun fact, he was the first guy I ever iconed years ago in the days of GJ and he was still on Home and Away. I'm sure someone is going to do a better job with the lighting than I did, but alas here are Thor Icons.

Caps by capseroo

383 )

[info]24601 in [info]pb_updates

Ariel Mortman

Set: Ariel Mortman: 330 icons
Details: f: white: brown: brown: 10s, 20s
Link: LINK


Brandon Routh - 375 (As Ray Palmer)

brandon routh
skipmuck won a prize for a game and asked for Brandon icons, I went a little bit nuts and asked to post them here too! Got the go ahead so here is a batch :)
Caps by capseroo

375 )

[info]cilantro in [info]pb_updates

Toby Stephens (194)

Set: Toby Stephens : 194
Details: male : caucasian : red/brown : blue : 40s/50s
Link: +194 at [info]licorice

Aug. 10th, 2018


~pigs_in_space is now ~dundermifflin!

Three cheers for impulsive rename decisions!

Aug. 9th, 2018

[info]butterflydarlin in [info]pb_updates

Letitia Wright

Set: Letitia Wright +14
Tags: f: black: brown: 10s/20s
Character Suggestions: MCU: Shuri
Link: here @ dw

[info]butterflydarlin in [info]pb_updates

Karen Gillan

Set: Karen Gillan +18
Tags: f: non-human: bald: 20s
Character Suggestions: MCU: Nebula
Link: here @ dw

[info]butterflydarlin in [info]pb_updates

Danai Gurira

Set: Danai Gurira +28
Tags: f: black: bald: 30s/40s
Character Suggestions: MCU: Okoye
Link: here @ dw

[info]butterflydarlin in [info]pb_updates

Scarlett Johansson

Set: Scarlett Johansson +38
Tags: f: white: blond: 30s
Character Suggestions: MCU: Natasha Romanoff
Link: here @ dw

[info]butterflydarlin in [info]pb_updates

Ariana Greenblatt

Set: Ariana Greenblatt +12
Tags: f: alien: crazy: 0s/10s
Character Suggestions: MCU: Gamora
Link: here @ dw

[info]butterflydarlin in [info]pb_updates

Elizabeth Olsen

Set: Elizabeth Olsen +58
Tags: f: white: red: 20s
Character Suggestions: MCU: Wanda Maximoff
Link: here @ dw

[info]butterflydarlin in [info]pb_updates

Pom Klementieff

Set: Pom Klementieff +30
Tags: f: alien: black: 30s
Character Suggestions: MCU: Mantis
Link: here @ dw

[info]butterflydarlin in [info]pb_updates

Zoe Saldana

Set: Zoe Saldana +88
Tags: f: alien: crazy: 30s
Character Suggestions: MCU: Gamora
Link: here @ dw

[info]butterflydarlin in [info]pb_updates

Gwyneth Paltrow

Set: Gwyneth Paltrow +10
Tags: f: white: red: 40s
Character Suggestions: MCU: Pepper Potts
Link: here @ dw


Missy Higgins' instagram is killing me because she's super pregnant with her second and she's freaking adorable and I keep thinking that's Corrie in there, she's pregnant with Corrie omg. Pyefam feels~

I'm going up to Utah for the weekend and as a result I'm failing at practically everything this week! Except, for once, packing. I'm actually mostly packed, all toiletries together, which is unusual.

I'm going to a wedding reception Saturday and will be staying with my brother of the four wild children, and another friend's having a Harry Potter party out there Saturday night so I'm gonna be pretty busy!

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